The Alternate World in Education magazine is almost here….

As I have always been driven by asking the question, “How can I make this (educational topic inserted here) better for all concerned?”,I created a new blog for my magazine, entitled, Alternate World in Education.    I simply have not been satisfied with the way in which things have been typically done in the past, whether this means how I have constructed my own classroom habits, or those that have been pushed on me from the outside.  I frequently find myself bored with the status quo.  If I feel this way, I can certainly relate as to how my students can become distracted and want to do anything else than study mathematics. My job thus becomes more about motivating and innovating, rather than instructing.  This seems to be true for many educators.  Thus, the resultant name of the new blog.

Topics for discussion could include the following: effective integration of curriculum, especially as regards mathematics; the impact of the environment (physical classroom, curriculum choices, relationships amongst administrators, teachers and parents) on students; educator collaboration; other points of interest which point towards alternative methods of teaching and learning. Each of these topics are clearly related to the use of

technology, which would be incorporated into my findings, probably accomplished by referencing other sites.  For example:

The name of my curation collection is Curriculum Integration and Environmental Impact on Students.   I decided to use Scoop as my aggregation application. This tool provides the following assistance while choosing curation materials:

  • It allows me to share an article using social media with a click of the button.
  • I can add my “insight” to the article; this commentary may also be edited at a future date.
  • Scoop provides quite a bit of material for me by using key words that I have indicated; this “Suggested Content” may be tweaked by my editing these terms.
  • In addition, I may choose to post any of my curated information directly into my magazine (WordPress).

As I am not accustomed to blogging or curating, I will be looking to the suggested sites which Scoop as provided.   I have started to collect articles that relate directly to the topics listed above.  I am trying to choose an assortment representing other bloggers, renowned educational resources, and whatever other links cross my path.  By the way, this post appears on the magazine under the “About” page.  It seemed appropriate.


5 thoughts on “The Alternate World in Education magazine is almost here….

  1. Betsy Halsey

    Your topic is certainly relevant. If our students don’t see why content is important they may get bored. Engaging activities that show allow them to understand the big picture are one way of doing this. Good luck as you start your curating!

    1. mistart2013 Post author

      We all know what it feels like to enter a room and automatically feel turned off by something that we sense. Conversely, an environment can make us feel at home, energized, and open to others. This is what I’m looking for in content.

      Yes, I will take care of the access to this blog.

  2. Kelly Johnson

    I agree with your focus on the “environment of learning.” Technology and clicking buttons has taken over for walking to a shelf and opening a book. This is the new movement of education and learning, so how do we as educators make this most effective. As a high school teacher, I feel behind the students in this technology age. So if I am able to design and show students ways to use what they are comfortable with to enhance their education, I am all for it. So utilizing these types of tools will give me a way to “catch up” with my students and hopefully get back ahead of them, as I am one of their educators.


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